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Add A Mother’s Day Message For Mam

For a limited time, you can add a personal message to selected mam cards.

We’ve just added the facility to include a personal message inside a card so that you can send them direct to your Mam for Mother’s Day.

We get asked this all the time, and we have to say no because our cards come folded and sealed and won’t go through a printer. But for Mother’s Day last year, we helped out a customer by printing a message on a sticker and sticking it inside the card.​

We got a LUSH message of thanks from the customer (who lives in Italy) AND her Mam, so we decided to add this as a service during lockdown  and tier restriction times.

The message box appears on every card product on the website but if you’re sending to multiple recipients at different addresses, you’ll need to place separate orders.

Hopefully, this will allow our customers to send cards to their mams without everyone​ having to keep going out to the post office.

Stay home as much as you can… stay safe and stay connected!

Alan, Nic, Bill & Steve – the North East Gifts team

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