Ebony Newton

Hi, I’m Ebony Newton… a freelance designer girl boss based in my lovely little studio in Northumberland. I’ve been in the greetings and gifting industry for the past 13 years, working for and with some of the biggest publishers in the country… lucky me!!!!

I have designed cards for Pigment Productions, Hallmark Cards PLC and UK Greetings.

My style is quite versatile, a real mixed bag. It can stretch from something contemporary, to something a little more classic, something really graphic, to something washy and loose. I’ll give anything a bash really! Freelance has given me some amazing diverse opportunities to work in other areas of design too, always love a new challenge.

My passion is hand lettering and I love mark making too… there’s something lovely about making unique letterforms and shapes that don’t exist anywhere else, don’t you think? When I’m not working I’m taking care of my mini army of Newton’s… well just my two boys really but they feel like an army sometimes when they gang up on me!

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Showing all 15 results