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Customer feedback is important to us

As a new online venture, it’s important that we gather as much customer feedback as we can in order to start as we mean to go on, constantly improving our service and range of products.

If something goes wrong, we want to know about is so we can avoid it happening again. Likewise, if we do something right, we’d like to know about that too!

We’re currently putting a lot of time into every order we receive, making sure everything is right. On a couple of occasions, customers have entered the wrong postcode on their order, which has meant the Royal Mail postage system hasn’t been able to find the correct address. Each time, we’ve carried out a manual search for the postcode and fired off an e-mail to let the customer know. We could just let orders go out with the wrong address on and hope for the best, but we’d rather it was right.

On other occasions, local customers have placed their orders and had them delivered within a couple of hours. We say 5 days for normal delivery and 24 hours for prime local delivery, but if we can make it same day, why not!

As someone who shops online a lot, I always believe in giving good feedback when a company goes above and beyond, not just complain when something goes wrong (which I am not ashamed to admit I do too!).

So, we’d love to hear from you if you’ve ordered from us. You can leave feedback here.

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