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Geordie Cards and Gifts

Geordie Card Whey Aye Pet

With Mother’s Day over and Father’s Day a couple of months ago, we turn our attention to birthdays, anniversaries, new babies, new jobs and new homes…

Our Mam cards were extremely popular at an event we attended in Newcastle last week, so we’ve picked our 20 favourite Geordie Cards and Gifts.

They are:

  • Calm Doon Hinny Mug
  • Calm Doon Man Mug
  • Whey Aye Man Gift Wrap
  • Aye Aye Canny Man Mug
  • Geordie City Mug
  • Howay In Geordie Sign
  • They Netty Geordie Sign
  • Calm Doon Tea Towel
  • Geordie Chilli Recipe Tea Towel
  • Gordies V Mackems Book
  • Greatest Gordie One Liners
  • Geordie Candle (Tin)
  • Geordie Candle (Glass)
  • Happy Birthday Bonny Lad Card
  • Happy Birthday Bonny Lass Card
  • Happy Birthday Hinny Card
  • Happy Birthday Mam Card
  • How To Speak Geordie Postcards
  • Shy Bairns Get Nowt Keyring
  • Why Aye Pet Card

Click  to view our  20 favourite Geordie Gifts.

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