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Have a lush Christmas

Thank you to everyone who has helped support our small family business this year – it’s been a strange one.

We usually post orders First Class right up to around the 22nd December, but in such crazy times we had to close the website much earlier because post is so delayed!

As I reflect on a tough year, I’ve chosen to share this photo (again!) as it illustrates where we’ve come from as a business. It was taken in 2016 when everything was still done from my house.

It was around Christmas, of course, and I was taking photos for our gift guide and one of our cats, Olly, decided to “help out”. It’s still one of my all time favourite photos. Firstly because his little face is so determined to get the bauble, but also because it reminds me of how far we’ve come.

Now we’re based in our own little unit and I often think HOW did we ever pack orders from a tiny space on the floor of our spare room surrounded by stock and packaging!!??

Thank you again, whether you’ve bought from us in 2020, or since we launched in 2013 – we truly appreciate it.

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