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Our North East Books Reading List

Aal aboot Geordie Book

Great North East books to take on holiday…

Summer holiday season is almost upon us, so if Kindles or iBooks aren’t your thing, here are some great local ‘actual’ North East books to take away with you.

Aal aboot Geordie Book
Aal Aboot Geordie

This little beuk by David Simpson is aboot Geordie language and culture. We gan reet back te’ arly times te’ find oot where it aal began, se’ torn wor pages and tyek a keek te’ find oot aboot the burr, the bairns, the borns and the broon.

Sunderland 1st World War Book
Sunderland & The First World War

This book looks at the “war to end all wars” and how it affected the people of Sunderland. How the events of war were reflected in what was then an important shipbuilding centre.


A celebration of musicians with North-Eastern roots, based on the award winning Tyne Tees series. Eric Burdon, Eliza Carthy, Mark Knopler, Lindisfarne, Hank Marvin, PJ & Duncan, and Sting are just some of the musicians included.

Greatest Geordie One Liners Book Ian Black
Greatest Geordie One-Liners

A collection of the Geordies’ knack for the casual insults, the sly digs, and the outright naked threats, culled from pubs and clubs.

Tyneside During Second World War WWII WW2
Tyneside In The Second World War

£10.99 VIEW BOOK
As a major industrial area, specialising in shipbuilding and armaments production, the importance of the region to the national war effort cannot be overstated.

My Sunderland Inspired by Niall Quinn
My Sunderland (366 Stories)

£10.95 VIEW BOOK
Inspired by Niall Quinn With sport, local history and quirky fiction, there’s something for everyone in this great little book.

Newcastle Tyneside Miscellany Book
Newcastle & Tyneside (Did You Know?)

Ever wondered why something in your town  or city is called the name it is? Or where a tradition started? Containing fascinating local facts, regional dialect, ghost stories, local recipes, sporting anecdotes and illustrated with fascinating photographs.

Darlington Past and Present Book
Darlington Past & Present

The extraordinary transformation that has taken place in Darlington since the 18th century is illustrated in this fascinating collection of photographs, mostly from the Northern Echo. The images give an insight into the daily lives and living conditions of local people and the town during a period of unprecedented change.

Newcastle Miscellany Book
The Newcastle Miscellany

Foreword by Rob Lee. This pocket sized edition is a must for all Newcastle United Football Club fans written  by Mike ‘Biffa’ Bolam who is the unofficial club sports writer on

Ghostly County Durham Ghost Stories
Ghostly County Durham

From reports of haunted castles, hotels, public houses, and even an ancient burial mound, to heart-stopping accounts of apparitions, poltergeists and related supernatural phenomena.Illustrated with photos and access details for each location featured in this haunting book.


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