Forget Carter (Newcastle On Film And Television)


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Forget Carter – by Chris Phipps

Published 2016, Paperback Edition

Many people know and associate Newcastle with TV and Film icons Get Carter, Byker Grove, The Tube and Our Friends In The North. However, do you know where Ralph Richardson stole money from in 1939? Why a den of spies were living in Jesmond in 1951? Who met Tommy Lee Jones on the High Level Bridge in 1988? Why Gateshead High Street was under seige in 2009? and which Newcastle flats seem to appear in every programme or film made in Newcastle?

Chris Phipps takes us on his tour of Newcastle’s film and TV covering old favourites like Payroll and Auf Wiedersehen Pet and shining light on some hidden gems such as The One and Only, Unconditional and The Clouded Yellow.

With contributions from directors Ken Loach and Bryn Higgins, writers Peter Flannery, Ian La Frenais and Lee Hall and actors Melanie Hill, Victoria Elliot, Charlie Hardwick and David Johns, this book explores the background to the filming of many television programmes and films in Newcastle.

Newcastle continues to be the perfect film set, seeing filming for Vera and Transformers: The Black Knight in 2016.


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