Great Northern Beasts Playing Cards


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Products marked "NE Gift" are items that have a specific North East theme.


52 fact-packed playing cards.

A parade of creatures wild and wonderful… from Tees to Tweed.

Leaping and howling off the press! … GREAT NORTHERN BEASTS, the first in our series of illustrated playing cards telling the remarkable, curious and hidden stories that make every corner of Britain unique.

52 tales of North East England’s most extraordinary animals, real and fabled. From the unique Chillingham Cattle and the celebrated Hartlepool Monkey, to lesser known stories of toads in stone, a heroic dog, and a sad dog, the real Jabberwocky, some special snails, a ghostly chicken, a very BIG COW and a very BAD KOW!

Use standard deck of cards or just take in the facts and figures!

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