It’s My Life! 1960s Newcastle


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It’s My Life! 1960s Newcastle by Anna Flowers & Vanessa Histon

Paperback, 204 pages, published 2009/10 by Tyne Bridge Publishing. Features stunning nostalgic photographs and cultural memorabilia of Newcastle through the 1960s.

They say that if you remember the 1960s you weren’t really there but many people who lived, worked and played in Newcastle during the 1960s have vivid memories of that exciting decade. Newcastle experienced huge changes as old landmarks were swept away and new ones rose in their place.

The 1960s. It was the decade that began in black and white and ended in colour. In Newcastle, as elsewhere, it was a time when everything was possible and everything was changing. From the Club A’Go Go to the new highrise flats people were on the move. Recapture that extraordinary atmosphere through this evocative mix of memories and pictures.

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