Newcastle Old And New – The Story So Far…


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Newcastle Old And New – The Story So Far…

  • Published 2016
  • 126 pages
  • A4 size

Almost 40 years in the making, this is a visual tour of Newcastle through the eyes of a 16-year-old boy as written and partially-designed as a school project in 1977.

It features significant and important landmarks such as the North East Coast Exhibition, the Castle Keep, the bridges, the old hospitals and many more, along with more recently-constructed buildings (at the time), the Civic Centre, Eldon Square and the “soon to be launched” Metro system.

The project was brought back to life in 2015/16 by adding some extra short stories, including an amusing conclusion to a visit by Queen Victoria in 1850, a harrowing story of witch trials in the middle ages, a couple of poems and some unusual ‘what if…’ fictional stories attached to two important chapters.

This unique view of the city is now available as a full-colour book, and documents a truly ambitious undertaking by a young boy – a lifelong dream-come-true for a local author.

From the author, Mike McCoy…

In brief, I wrote the book “Newcastle Old And New – The Story So Far…” as a struggling teenager at school a *very* long time ago. I was considered to be “thick” “stupid” and a “no-hoper” (later to discover that I was *only* dyslexic).

I entered the original school book project into the final exams and, to the surprise of me *and* the teachers, it gave me my only O-Level to leave school with.

Throughout life, all of my redundancies and the two businesses I have built up, the original school book project laid buried in the house until my wife found it. With her encouragement, I set out on a four-year quest with the writer Chris Rooney to get this book into print.

Now, I hope you enjoy reading “Newcastle Old And New”, and a vision of the future from my 16-year-old self, as much as I enjoyed making it.

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