Sunderland And The Edwardians – 1901 to 1914


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Sunderland And The Edwardians 1901 – 1914 by Trevor Thorne

Published 2017, Paperback Edition

The year 1901 saw the commencement of the Edwardian era at the end of Queen Victoria’s long reign. This period of history is usually seen as starting when Edward VII became king and ending with the Great War in 1914, despite Edward’s death in 1910.

Great Britain with her large Empire was then the world’s largest economy. Sunderland, with its  engineering, shipbuilding, glass and mining, had mirrored the growth of industry during the Victorian era, forming a vibrant power base.

While there was always the poor to be seen on the town’s streets with large families contributing to those on the edge of poverty, generally there was work for the able bodied. During the period there was a wide gap between the wealthy, who often led extravagant lifestyles but who also gifted large sums to public building projects, and the shipyard worker or miner with ten children to support.

Edward and his lifestyle were at the centre of what we see today as more colourful and interesting times than perhaps the seemingly drab Victorian era.

During the period the people of Sunderland would see a widening scope for leisure activities, new politics and social change such as the introduction of the old age pension.

The book is filled with interesting photographs as well as facts and stories.

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