My Sunderland (366 Stories)


Ah, Nen Left - more coming soon.


Inspired by Niall Quinn.

With sport, local history and quirky fiction, there’s something for everyone in this great book.

My Sunderland is a buzzing, bustling beehive of facts covering the history of the city of Sunderland from prehistoric times to the present day.

This quirky collection of 366 lively and interesting stories brings Sunderland’s history to life in a fun and informative way that will appeal to young and old alike. Join characters like Malcolm Mackem, the Wearmouth family and a cheeky history student as they take you on a fascinating journey through Sunderland’s past.

Discover what became of Hedworth’s Bath Tub, who was Sunderland’s serial killer and what to find on Rains Eye. Hear about the changing face of Minnie the Minster, Bede’s Top Ten, the people who look like Hamburgers and a guaranteed way to find Success. There’s a story for every day of the year including a leap year, so turn the pages and uncover your Sunderland.

By Richard Callaghan and David Simpson.

376 pages ISBN 978-09536984-4-8

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