Geordie Lush Cuppa Mug


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Geordie Mug – how to make a lush cuppa (and canny coffee).

Do you like your cuppa deed milky or like treacle??

This deed canny mug is perfect for when you have guests round to your home or office. You can write on it with a marker (we use a Sharpie) and it will wash off.

Features tea design on one side and coffee on the other.

High quality 11oz white ceramic mug. Sturdy, durable, except if you drop it, it may smash.
Dishwasher safe but hand-washing is recommended.

Note: this mug is just for fun – the colours might not represent the actual colour of the tea and coffee you make but are used to give an indication of preferred strength. So nee complaints 😉
Also note: marker pens will differ. We tested this mug using a Sharpie and the ink washes off nee bother.

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Weight 465 g
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NE Gift