Wor Angel (Pink Heart Edition)


Ah, Nen Left - more coming soon.

NE Gift

Products marked "NE Gift" are items that have a specific North East theme.


Wor Angel Handmade Resin Figurine with Heart.

Perfect for Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day!

The new and improved 3″ Handmade Figurine is here and now ECO friendly!

Made from a gypsum (a mineral created from sedimentary rock) and water based non-toxic, planet- friendly acrylic resin considered safe and sustainable.

The word “Wor” comes from the regional Geordie slang for “Our” and the Angel is a symbol of the North East recognised worldwide.

Each one is handmade and painted meaning no two are identical and come with a numbered and signed card.

This is an art piece and not suitable for children.

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Weight 300 g

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NE Gift