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Quick Questions With… Toile Print Emporium (Victoria Harbertson)

In the first of our new blog series, we get the lowdown on Toile Print Emporium, AKA Victoria Harbertson.

Victroria is the creator of a beautiful range of mugs, coasters, tea towels, cards and prints using hand-drawn designs.


  • Where were you born? Easington
  • Where do you live now? Longhorsley
  • Where else have you lived? London, Manchester, Otterburn, Evolve Switzerland and New York
  • Are your products your main job? Yes
  • How did you get into making your own products? Moved countries and wanted to start a design based company – anything but fashion
  • What was your first product? Wallpaper – Northumberland Garden
  • What’s your favourite product? Wallpaper – Whitley Bay Breeze
  • What’s coming up for you? New Edinburgh, New York and Durham wallpaper, prints and gifts
  • Best and worst things about being an NE creative? Beauty of the NE (best) and isolation from the hustle and bustle (worst)


  • Favourite NE landmark? Tie between Tyne Bridge and Spanish City Dome
  • Favourite NE restaurant/bar/cafe? This is tough so many choices…….. restaurant – The Ship Inn, Low Newton-by-the-Sea. Bar – Narrow Nick, Rothbury. Cafe – Surf Cafe, Tynemouth
  • Other NE creatives/brands you love? seaternprint, bea_and_rose, big_daisy_kiss, shaunparkinceramics
  • Any hobbies or weird interests? Yoga and collecting cherub lamps, people watching and shopping in DIY stores, I love the smell of the wood section




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