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Quick Questions With… Blunt Cards (Liam Grieves)

We first stocked Blunt Cards by Liam Grieves for a Valentine’s Day market last year – they were the talk of the event and we’ve stocked them on our website ever since…

Liam lives literally under the wing of the Angel Of The North and is a soon-to-be fatha of three, but it was his naughty side that got him into designing cards and gifts.


  • Where were you born? Gateshead.
  • Where do you live now? Kibblesworth, Gateshead.
  • Where else have you lived? I grew up and lived in Washy until I met my better half, then shifted to Gateshead (where she was from).
  • Are your products your main job? No, I’m also a freelance graphic designer, which gives me a lot of variety (including my cards).  My cards and gifts are something I’d class as ‘on the side’.  I do them for fun really!
  • How did you get into making your own products? I started my Blunt Cards range because I didn’t like the cards available on the high street, so decided to draw my own ‘blunt’ ones that said what people really think sometimes. I started doing Geordie ones because I could! And because they’re fun to do!
  • What was your first product? Happy Birthday you horrible old c**t!  Still my best seller too!
  • What’s your favourite product? I like my tick box occasion card! It covers everything!
  • What’s coming up for you? Another bairn, number 3! Other than that, I have no idea!  I take each day as it comes!
  • Best and worst things about being an NE creative? I’ve only ever been a creative in the North East so wouldn’t know what the bad things were. Surely there can’t be any?  Good things? Probably being a stone’s throw away form the Toon!


  • Favourite NE landmark? The Angel Of The North. I can see it from my bedroom window!
  • Favourite NE restaurant/bar/cafe? I don’t have a favourite, I like to try them all. Or as many as possible.
  • Other NE creatives/brands you love? I like them all, they all have their own character.
  • Any hobbies or weird interests? Nothing weird! But take football a little too seriously. Can get “grumpy” if Newcastle take a beating, according to the wife and bairns.



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