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Quick Questions With… OhhSooJuicy Candles (Jina Maria Johnstone)

Our latest North East product maker and seller is Jina Maria Johnstone, founder of OhhSooJuicy Candles.

Jina’s range of candles are enough to add a fabulous splash of colour and fragrance to any room. They have a higher percentage of fragrance so they smell stronger than even some of the big brand candles out there!


  • Where were you born? Rake Lane Hospital, North Shields
  • Where do you live now? Longbenton but was brought up in Scotland
  • Where else have you lived? Glasgow
  • Are your products your main job? Yep, my only job
  • How did you get into making your own products?  I had a bad reaction with my asthma due to a brand of candle that was made from paraffin wax 😂🙈😂 plus I’ve always been very creative
  • What was your first product? Tin candles – strudel & spice
  • What’s your favourite product? Twisted mermaid because I wanna believe I am one 😂 but fragrance wise my favouritre is strudel and spice or lavender spar as it helps me relax and sleep
  • What’s coming up for you? New Reiki and aromatherapy collection in few months as I’m a qualified masseuse


  • Favourite Place in the North East? Durham – I’m moving there in the summer to a new house so I can be mortgage free and have big enough house and garden to make my candles 😍🙌. Another place I go to a lot is Alnwick Gardens as I do a lot of market stalls there over Christmas and it has an amazing atmosphere. Plus loads of different places in Durham as I love country drives and hiking
  • Favourite NE restaurant/bar/cafe? Sambuca on Newcastle Quayside because they make the best fillet steaks




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