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Our Suppliers: Geordie Cards

Geordie Card Whey Aye Man

In the 3rd installment of a blog that looks at how we source and select our products, we talk about the massively popular Geordie Cards and Gifts range.

The precise details of how I came across Geordie Cards originally is a bit of a blur, but I do remember buying a batch of cards and two mugs. I’d bought the mugs for a colleague and I – we shared an office at the time – mine was “Aye Aye Canny Man” and hers was “Shy Bairns Get Nowt”. The cards I bought were various messages including “Eeeh Ya Bairn’s Arrived” (in blue and pink versions, just in case). I didn’t know anyone who was pregnant at the time, but I loved the cards and knew someone I know would eventually be in the family way! I was right.

Jane, who runs the business side of Geordie Cards, delivered the order personally to my house – and this obviously left a lasting impression.

Skip forward a year or two and, while I was coming up with the concept of North East Gifts, Geordie Cards were the first products I thought of for the new site. By this time, the range of cards, mugs, keyrings, coasters, tea towels and more was selling in retail outlets all over the UK and beyond.

Our first in-stock items at North East Gifts were from Geordie Cards and our first ever order was for a “Whey Aye Man” tea towel.

Since then, we’ve expanded our range to stock just about all of the Geordie Cards range and, more recently, some of the Canny Good Northumbrian range.

The Geordie and Northumbrian Cards ranges are all designed by local designer Joanne Burrows, AKA BYKERLASS. We receive so much good feedback from customers about the range whenever we deliver orders.

One of my biggest bug-bears when buying cards is that nothing is ever geared towards regionality. You can’t just go into a supermarket or card shop and buy a card for Mam. It’s always Mum, Mummy and Mother. Most of us in the North East say Mam, so it’s great to finally find a card range that includes well-designed “Mam” cards.

Check out some of the range (as mentioned above) here:

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