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Top 10 Geordie Cards and Gifts

Shy Bairns Get Nowt Geordie Coaster

We recently spotted a few “top Geordie phrases” articles in the press, which have inspired us to share with you our best-selling Geordie cards and gifts… excluding the Christmas range of course!

10. MAM not Mum

We love to boast about our greetings cards for Mam. So often do you struggle to find cards in card shops for Mam, it’s always Mum or Mother.

9. How To Speak Geordie

This set of great postcards aims to teach non-Geordies some of our most beloved, if not a little obscure, words like Chronny Gull and Nick Az!

8. Aye Aye Canny Man

Available as a mug and card, Aye Aye Canny Man has become one of our most popular Geordie phrases.

7. North East Chilli Recipe

A surprise entry should please the regions’s budding Jamie Olivers and Delia Smiths. This “bornin hot” North East Chilli Recipe Tea Towel invites us to “Hoy the mince and onion in a pan and cook till the mince torns broon”…

6. Shy Bairns Get Nowt

If you don’t ask, you don’t get, so the saying goes… And lots of our customers have been asking for this particular Geordie phrase on their mugs, coasters, and keyrings!

5.  Sorree Ya Gannin

An alternative to “good luck” or standard leaving cards, we’re “Sorree Ya Gannin” says it all!

4. Happy Birthday Bonny Lass

The most popular of the Geordie Cards range of Bonny Lass and Bonny Lad greetings cards.

3. Howay In

Welcome guests into your home with this friendly Geordie door sign…

2. Nee Mackems

We’re not into sporting rivalry unless it’s friendly… so hopefully the buyers of this, our 2nd most popular Geordie gift of all, see the funny side of this light-hearted Geordie door sign.

1. Whey Aye Man

And at number one… probably the best-known Geordie phrase of all – WHEY AYE MAN… available as a mug, coaster, card, tea towel, keyring and wrapping paper.

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