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We’re 2 years old!

Geordie Card - Happy Birthday Pet

This week we’re celebrating our 2nd birthday!

To celebrate our second birthday you can use the voucher code BIRTHDAY and get 10% off your first order*

And if you’ll afford me the time, here’s a little anecdote about how we started North East Gifts….

The idea for North East Gifts was actually formulated 3 years ago by Alan and I. We both work in the creative industry and had ideas to build our own business after helping build so many others’. If you own or have owned a business then you’ll know there’s a great amount of work that needs to go into it. You’ll also know that you need a team to cover the wide range of skills needed to operate this business. At the time, Alan and I felt there was something missing and North East Gifts was put on hold.

9 months later Bill came to us to kickstart the idea. His local knowledge, experience in the markets of the North East and business drive added to our creativity and technical knowledge and so North East Gifts started trading in May 2013.

Since then we’ve been growing month on month and year on year. We’re always looking for new products to sell on the site and new ways to spread the word. My highlights of the past two years are as follows:

  • Our first order. It’s always a good moment to see the first order go through! We’ve had a few more since then!
  • Our own products. We sell some of the best North East themed products, however there’s an added pride in creating our own products.
  • Xmas 2014. We had traded well in the run up to Xmas 2013, but Xmas 2014 was a different beast altogether. Seeing the orders come in was, at some times, quite scary but very satisfying.
  • Mobile site. If you used our site before April 2015 then you might have had a hard time using it on your mobile phone. When we originally built the site we wanted to get the business up and running to see if people were interested. Now that we know they are then we’re spending all our efforts on making the experience as good as possible for our customers.

If you’re a past customer or might be in the future then thanks for joining our journey – we’re only just getting started!

*Not valid in conjunction with other offer codes. Discount deducted before postage/shipping charges.

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